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Since Owens Corning invented glass fiber during the 1970s, it has become the material standard for shingles, and is used by most shingle manufacturers. The fiberglass composition of roof shingles plays an important role in protecting homes from moisture and other weather-related elements. Owens Corning takes great pride in their roofing shingles and accessories and they believe that they make sure every Owens Corning shingles meets your high expectations. Every shingle they make combines consistent quality with long-lasting beauty and maximum protection. Performance is at the heart of every Owens Corning roofing product. Every Owens Corning shingle line features: Fiberglass mat that adds weather protection, greater fire resistance and longer life. Weathering-grade asphalt that holds the granules on the shingle and protects the roof from water. Colorful mineral granules that help reflect the sun's rays while adding beauty and style to the roof. Heat-activated adhesive strip that bonds shingles into a single, watertight unit.

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