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Natural Slate Roofing


Braswell works closely with the Vermont Slate Company. Although we work with multiple different slate manufactures, we have found that Vermont Slate Company produces some of the highest quality slate in the industry and we choose to align ourselves with the best of the best. Vermont Slate Company Manufactures and distributes the highest quality slates available. All Vermont Slate Company roofing products meet or exceed ASTM C-406 S1 Standards. 

Natural stone offers the possibility of distinct textures and color variation that only nature and time can produce. And not all stone is created equal; stone varies from one source to the next. Some stone retains its original color for life, while others naturally weather to elegant blends of various colors.


Authentic, natural slate is also the most environmentally “green” option. Slate production requires less electricity, fossil fuel, and water than any synthetic product on the market. Natural slate is produced using time-tested traditions. The two main ingredients are rock and the manpower to split each slate by hand. Vermont Slate Company provides you the longest lasting, highest value, and greatest pride of ownership for your home.

Slate Roofing


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