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Cedar Roofing

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Besides the natural beauty of real Cedar roofing, there a many pros that go along with it. Cedar wood is durable, long lasting roofing material and last well past the life expectancy of asphalt shingles. Cedar offers a Class 3 or class 4 impact rating and can withstand category 3-5 hurricane force wind.

Cedar is one of the toughest woods in the world, which makes it shakes a durable and long lasting roofing material. It is a smart investment for many homeowners because its natural durability protects and extends the life of your roofs’ structure. Cedar shake roofing is also a natural insulator with the ability to hold heat inside in the winter, and maintain cool air temperature in the summer. Cedar roofing will help you reduce your energy usage on heating and cooling and even help you save money.

We only use No 1 Certi-plit shake from Watkinsville Sawmill, which is the only cedar shake that is regulated by the Cedar Shake & Shinlge Bureau.

Some Recently Completed Cedar Roofs

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