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6 Benefits of Choosing Enviroshake Roofs

Building a sturdy house with an aesthetic appeal can be a daunting task. Apart from hiring the best decorator in town to create a visually splendid interior for your home, it is of paramount importance to opt for sustainable supplies. Installing the finest construction essentials available might seem like an expensive affair, but it's a worthwhile investment in the long run.

Roofing products designed through well-researched science offer longevity. Eco-friendly and durable roofs guard your house against extreme weather conditions, temperature changes, fire hazards, and natural calamities. While cedar and slate roofs look attractive, the gradual yet inevitable lichen growth can degrade the overall appearance of your property.

Enviroshake is one of the most trusted and environmentally-conscious roof manufacturing brands. In addition to making flawless and resource-friendly products, Enviroshake always strives for robustness and durability. Read on for 6 benefits when it comes to choosing Enviroshake Roofs for your abode.

Powerful Wind Resistance

After conducting thorough scientific research, Enviroshake has been able to curate roofs that can pass High-Velocity Hurricane Zone TAS 125 and provide wind resistance up to 180 MPH (290 km/h). This data proves that Enviroshake roofs can withstand undesirable circumstances such as tornadoes, storms, and hurricanes.

Safety from Fire Hazards

Unlike roofs made of cedar, Enviroshake roofs don't have to undergo chemical treatment to remain incombustible. These chemicals contain toxins and are hence detrimental to the environment. When compared to other roofing systems, Enviroshake boasts the absence of another layer and subsequent installation process to achieve a Class A rated roofing system. Since Enviroshake roofs have developed through the latest technological advancements, they arrive with an unconditional Class A fire rating (ASTM E108).

Stylistic Design

While it is true that cedar and slate roofs possess a traditional yet elegant appearance, Enviroshake roofs have been able to replicate the same look on their composite roofs, radiating just as much sophistication. Furthermore, composite roofs attract a higher resale value than cedar, slate, or asphalt roofs.


The wide use of cedar and slate for roofing purposes has led to the significant exhaustion of natural resources. Moreover, since these materials are not derived responsibly, they adversely affect the environment. On the other hand, Enviroshake products utilize 95% recycled materials. By choosing Enviroshake, you can attain exquisite artistry for your roof in an ecologically sound manner.


After intensive research, Enviroshake has devised the perfect composite roofing mechanism that can endure for a lifetime. Their ribbed-back design avoids the curling and cracking of tiles, ensuring a long shelf life for your roof.

Zero Maintenance

One of the prominent disadvantages of installing a cedar or slate roof is unwanted vegetal growth. Dried leaves, moss, fungus, and weeds can destroy your roof by trapping moisture on the surface. In the case of a slate roof, it also becomes difficult to walk over the slippery surface for a cleaning session. Enviroshake assembles roofing systems that are highly immune to lichen growth, thus making them maintenance-free and cost-effective.

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