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Atlanta Shake Roofer: Exploring Our Cedar Shake and Synthetic Shake Services

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Atlanta Shake Roofer

Known for its natural beauty and resilience, cedar shake, metal roofs, slate, tiles, and shingles are top-tier choices for roofing in Atlanta, GA.

This article will guide you through restoring or choosing a stunning cedar shake roof with expert services from Braswell Construction Group. Discover how to elevate your home's charm and durability—keep reading!

Key Takeaways

  • Braswell Construction Group offers cedar shake roofing with a range of services including repair, maintenance, and new installations in Atlanta, GA.

  • We provide durable Brava’s Synthetic Cedar Shake Roofs as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional cedar shakes.

  • The team at Braswell is known for high - quality work backed by strong warranties ensuring customer satisfaction for residential and commercial properties.

  • Expertise includes regular roof check - ups, fixing issues early, cleaning off moss or mold, and protecting the wood from weather damage with special coatings.

  • For personalized service or a free roofing estimate in Atlanta, contact Michelle Bird by email at or phone at (678) 283-2551.

The Essence of Cedar Shake Roofing

Cedar shake roofing offers unmatched aesthetic appeal, durability, and longevity. Its natural beauty and ability to withstand the elements make it a popular choice for homeowners and businesses alike.

Unmatched Aesthetic Appeal

Cedar shake roofs have a unique look that stands out. Homes and buildings with cedar roofing catch people's eyes because they blend natural beauty with classic design. The wood's rich color and texture bring warmth and charm to any property.

They give a rustic yet elegant feel that other materials can't match.

Shakes come in different styles like handsplit, tapersawn, and shingles. This variety lets customers pick the perfect style for their home or business. Atlanta's Braswell Construction Group knows how to use these options to make each roof special.

We have over 100 years of combined experience making roofs that look amazing.

Our team takes pride in making sure each cedar roof shows off its best side. With proper care, such as cleaning, staining, and sealing from experts like those at Braswell Construction Group, these roofs keep looking great for years.

Now let’s talk about how durable and long-lasting cedar shake roofs are.

Durability and Longevity

Not only do shake roofs look great, but they also last a long time. This is because cedar shakes are strong and can stand up to bad weather like rain, hail, and heavy winds. With the right care, these roofs keep in good shape for many years.

Experts say it's important to check on them often and fix any problems before they get worse.

Braswell Construction Group knows how to take care of cedar shake roofs so they last longer. We give homeowners in Atlanta top-notch service by checking roofs regularly and fixing any small issues quickly.

A well-maintained cedar roof won't need big repairs as often, saving you money over time. Plus, we use the best materials that make your roof tough against storms and less likely to get mold or rot.

Comprehensive Cedar Roofing Services by Braswell Construction Group

Braswell Construction Group offers a comprehensive range of cedar roofing services, including repair and maintenance, new installation, as well as cleaning, staining, and sealing. Our expertise in cedar roofing ensures unmatched quality for residential and commercial properties in Atlanta, GA.

Cedar Roof Repair and Maintenance

Cedar shake roofs add a beautiful look to homes. They also last a long time when taken care of properly. Here's how Braswell Construction Group helps keep these roofs in top shape:

  • Check the Roof: Experts look over the whole roof to find broken or missing shakes and other problems.

  • Fix Damage: We replace broken shakes and fix parts that might leak.

  • Stop Leaks: To keep water out, they seal gaps and make sure everything is tight.

  • Handle Moss and Mold: The team cleans off any green stuff growing on the roof that shouldn't be there.

  • Keep it Strong: Regular check-ups and fixes help the roof stay strong against wind and rain.

  • Protect With Coatings: We put on special coatings that stop water damage and keep the wood from getting old too fast.

New Cedar Roof Installation

After taking care of repairs and maintenance, sometimes a new roof is the best choice. Braswell Construction Group is ready to give your home a beautiful new cedar shake roof. Here's what we do:

  • Meet with you to talk about your needs. We want to make sure they know exactly what you want.

  • Show different cedar shingle styles. We have a lot of options for you to pick from.

  • Check your house's structure. This helps us make sure your house can support a cedar roof.

  • Make a plan that fits your budget. We think about how much money you can spend.

  • Get rid of your old roof safely. We take off the old stuff without hurting your home.

  • Make sure everything is clean before starting. A clean space means a better job.

  • Use quality roofing materials. We only use the best stuff for your roof.

  • Work fast but careful to build your new roof. We don't waste time, but we also make sure it's done right.

  • Seal and treat the cedar shakes for longer life. This step keeps the wood safe from weather and bugs.

  • Clean up after finishing the job. We leave your place tidy when they're done.

Cedar Roof Cleaning, Staining, & Sealing

When considering cedar roofing services, adequate maintenance is crucial to ensure its longevity and aesthetic appeal. Here are the detailed processes involved in cedar roof cleaning, staining, and sealing:

  1. Cleaning: Over time, cedar roofs can accumulate dirt, debris, and algae growth. Professional cleaning involves thorough removal of these elements using specialized techniques to prevent damage to the wood.

  2. Staining: Staining cedar roofs not only enhances their natural beauty but also provides protection against UV rays and moisture. The staining process requires expertise to ensure even application and maximum durability.

  3. Sealing: Proper sealing of cedar roofs is essential to safeguard them from the elements and extend their lifespan. It acts as a protective barrier, preventing water penetration and minimizing the risk of rot or decay.

Advanced Roofing Solutions

Looking for advanced roofing solutions? Braswell Construction Group offers Brava’s Synthetic Cedar Shake Roofs, providing a durable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional cedar.

With benefits like energy efficiency and resistance to mold growth, synthetic shake roofs are a top choice for homeowners in need of long-lasting roofing solutions.

Introducing Brava’s Synthetic Cedar Shake Roofs

Brava's Synthetic Cedar Shake Roofs offer the timeless charm of natural cedar with added benefits. These roofs are built to endure high winds, meeting stringent approvals such as Miami-Dade, TDI, and Title 24.

Crafted from composite materials, Brava roofs require minimal maintenance, reducing their environmental impact. With various shades to choose from and recognition through the Brava Excellence Award for 2022, these synthetic shake roofs redefine luxury roofing solutions.

Elevating the luxury roofing standard in Atlanta, GA and offering unmatched durability and aesthetic appeal, Brava’s Synthetic Cedar Shake Roofs have become a go-to choice for homeowners seeking advanced roofing solutions that blend beauty with resilience.

From enhancing curb appeal to ensuring sustainable performance against harsh weather conditions, these roofs stand out as an exemplary addition to Braswell Construction Group’s comprehensive offerings.

Benefits of Synthetic Shake Over Traditional Cedar

Switching to synthetic shake roofing brings substantial advantages over traditional cedar roofs. As mentioned, synthetic shake offers enhanced durability and weather resistance compared to natural cedar, meaning it can better withstand harsh elements such as hailstorms.

Furthermore, the reduced maintenance requirements of synthetic shake make it an appealing choice for homeowners seeking a long-term cost-effective solution. The low upkeep needs translate into both time and financial savings.

Moreover, with advancements in manufacturing technologies, modern synthetic shakes closely mimic the look of natural cedar while offering superior longevity. This not only provides homeowners with peace of mind regarding their roofs' performance but also ensures an aesthetically pleasing appearance for years to come.

Cedar Roofing Expertise in Atlanta, GA

At Braswell Construction Group, we specialize in providing expert cedar shake roofing services for both residential and commercial properties in Atlanta, GA. Our team is committed to delivering unparalleled craftsmanship and quality to ensure the longevity and aesthetic appeal of your roof.

Residential & Commercial Services

Braswell Construction Group delivers comprehensive cedar roofing services for both residential and commercial properties in Atlanta, GA. Whether it's repairing existing cedar roofs, installing new ones, or providing meticulous cleaning, staining, and sealing services, Braswell Construction Group ensures top-notch expertise with a focus on durability and aesthetics.

With a commitment to excellence, they are the go-to choice for reliable cedar roofing solutions in Atlanta.

Additionally, Braswell Construction Group doesn't just stop at traditional cedar roofing; we also offer advanced synthetic shake roofs from Brava that provide unparalleled benefits over traditional options.

This includes superior durability and resistance to elements while maintaining the classic aesthetic appeal of natural wood shakes.

Our dedication to delivering exceptional service extends to both residential and commercial clients, ensuring that every property can benefit from their expertise in high-quality roofing solutions.

Our Commitment to Excellence

When it comes to delivering exceptional cedar roofing services, Braswell Construction Group in Atlanta, GA maintains a steadfast commitment to excellence. This dedication is evident through our highly trained cedar roof technicians and our company's complete certification for installing cedar wood shake roofing products.

As a preferred specialist for cedar roof repair in Atlanta, GA, Braswell Construction Group demonstrates unwavering reliability and expertise in fulfilling the unique roofing needs of both residential and commercial customers.

Our company's commitment extends further as they consistently deliver unparalleled customer service, positioning ourselves as a trusted #1 Cedar Shake Roofing Company. Our comprehensive range of services covers everything from new cedar roof installation to repair, maintenance, cleaning, staining, and sealing - ensuring that each client receives top-notch quality and reliability backed by warranty assurance.

Why Choose Braswell Construction Group

Braswell Construction Group is the trusted #1 Cedar Shake Roofing Company in Atlanta, GA, known for unparalleled customer service and quality. With a strong commitment to excellence and reliable warranty on products, we ensure that your roofing needs are met with the highest standards of expertise and professionalism.

Trusted #1 Cedar Shake Roofing Company

Braswell Construction Group is the trusted #1 cedar shake roofing company in Atlanta, GA. We focus on customer satisfaction and top-tier craftsmanship which has earned us recognition as a Brava Preferred Contractor, DaVinci Roofer Masterpiece Contractor, and Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor.

Since 2002, we have been locally owned and operated with bases in Greensboro/Lake Oconee, Covington/Conyers, Stone Mountain, and Atlanta to provide tailored roofing solutions.

Our company's introduction of Brava synthetic cedar shake roofs showcases their commitment to offering innovative and high-quality roofing solutions. We have a strong reputation in the industry and are associated with expert shake roofer services.

Unparalleled Customer Service and Quality

At Braswell Construction Group, our commitment to excellence has earned us recognition for unparalleled customer service and quality in the roofing industry. Recognized by reputed platforms such as Yahoo Finance, ABC, FOX, CBS,, and Atlanta Leader, we have built a strong reputation for providing exceptional customer service and high-quality work in the roofing and restoration industry.

Our dedication to delivering top-notch cedar shake roofing services is backed by our proven track record of satisfied customers and industry accolades.

Combining expertise with a passion for customer satisfaction, we ensure that every project receives the attention to detail it deserves. From personalized service to reliable warranties and product quality assurance, our focus on unmatched customer service sets us apart as the go-to choice for all your cedar shake roofing needs in Atlanta, GA.

Warranty and Product Reliability

Ensuring customer peace of mind, Braswell Construction Group stands behind their work with strong warranty and product reliability. This commitment reflects our company’s dedication to delivering top-tier craftsmanship and quality service.

Additionally, BCG offers Brava synthetic cedar shake roofs that are engineered for high wind tolerance and come with approvals from Miami-Dade, TDI, and Title 24, underscoring their emphasis on innovation and durability in their roofing solutions.

Schedule Your Free Roofing Estimate

Get in touch with us today to schedule your free roofing estimate and take the first step towards a beautiful, durable roof for your home or business. Read on to learn more about our expert shake roofer services in Atlanta, GA.

Contact Information for Personalized Service

For a personalized cedar roof repair service in Atlanta, GA, you can get in touch with Michelle Bird at Braswell Construction Group. You can schedule a free roofing estimate or discuss your specific needs by emailing

Alternatively, you can give them a call at (678) 283-2551. Braswell Construction Group is known for our expertise in cedar shake roofing and commitment to excellence.

If you are looking for comprehensive cedar roofing services for residential or commercial properties, reach out to Braswell Construction Group today. We offer unmatched aesthetic appeal and durability with their advanced roofing solutions.


In conclusion, when it comes to expert shake roofer services in Atlanta, GA, Braswell Construction Group stands out. Our comprehensive cedar roofing services cover repair, maintenance, new installations, and cleaning.

Additionally, our introduction of Brava’s synthetic cedar shake roofs brings advanced roofing solutions with unmatched benefits. With over 100 years of combined experience and a commitment to excellence, choosing Braswell Construction Group means trusted expertise and unparalleled customer service for both residential and commercial properties.

Contact us today for your free roofing estimate.


1. What kind of roofs can Atlanta roofers work on?

Atlanta roofers can fix and put on many kinds of roofs, like shake shingles, metal roofs, slate roofs, tile, flat roofs and more.

2. Are cedar shakes roofing good for homes in Atlanta?

Yes, cedar shakes are great for homes because they look nice and last a long time. They also help keep the house warm or cool when needed.

3. Can a new roof help lower my homeowners insurance bill?

A strong and safe new roof might help you pay less for your homeowner's insurance because it's less likely to get damaged.

4. Do expert roofers in Atlanta use eco-friendly materials?

Many expert roofers in Atlanta choose to use environmentally friendly materials like recycled shingles or energy-efficient cool roofs that are good for our planet.

5. How does the right ventilation system help my home's roof?

A good ventilation system keeps air moving in your attic which helps stop damage from heat or moisture to your home's insulation and roofing shingle.

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