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Brava Roofer Braswell Construction Specializes in Synthetic Slate & Shake Roofing Servicing Atlanta

Atlanta Slate Roofing Company, Braswell Construction Group, transforms homes with elegant Brava Roof Tile shake & slate roofing. Get roof replacement, repair & maintenance from this top Atlanta Roofing Specialist.

ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / February 19, 2021 / Braswell Construction Group

(BCG), a leading slate & shake roofing specialist in Atlanta has announced it can provide local customers with the best in residential and commercial specialty roofing services. The company is recognized in Georgia as the top roofing specialist for real cedar shake, real slate and synthetic shake/slate roofing, and prides itself on its high-quality service. One attribute that separates BCG from other Atlanta roofing contractors is that they are one of very few installers of Brava Roof Tile that is certified. Additionally, BCG has recently been awarded ‘Brava Preferred Contractor' making this the first roofing company recognized for this honor in the state of Georgia. Once named

as a ‘Brava Preferred Contractor', the provider is considered among the best in the industry known for their experience and commitment to quality roofing.

More information about Brava products can be found on the company website via:

BCG offers premium shake and slate roofing options for customers wanting to improve the look and function of their home. The expanding category of synthetic roofing products cater to homeowners, builders, and remodelers who prefer renewable resources that come with the advantage of extreme durability and longevity yet want the look of natural slate or shake roofs. Braswell Construction Group explains that synthetic slate roofing is a mixture of recycled rubber and plastic put into molds that are taken from real slate and shake roofing. As contrasted to real slate & shake roofing, this is less costly, lighter, and is much more resilient and durable because it can be installed without the concern of damaging the product. And just like the real slate & shake roofing, its life expectancy can also last a hundred years.

Advanced materials and manufacturing technologies give the synthetic products better resistance to weathering, greater durability, and longer lifespans than real slate or cedar, according to manufacturers. "The material is mimicked to obtain efficiency and also longer life over the natural product," says Chris Braswell, owner of BCG. "Other composite roofing materials pale in comparison to Brava. We use Brava products because they perfectly resemble the natural beauty of cedar shake roofs and slate roof shingles, but without the drawbacks and upkeep."

More information about BCG's Brava Roofing specialty slate and tile options

can be found at:

Polymer composite roofing tiles are not only stunning in appearance but durable enough to protect and boost the worth of a home without the expensive repair and maintenance of natural stone. Keeping that in mind, the overall predicted expense of composite roof set up would be considerably cheaper than natural slate. The distinction however, is that synthetic roofing materials

are lighter and less complicated to install than other materials, plus they are actually as sturdy as stone. The final appearance of BCG's installed Brava products is almost impossible to distinguish from the natural material.

As previously mentioned, BCG also is one of the few certified installers of the great choice of Brava Roof Tiles. BCG recommends this exceptional product because it is not only maintenance free but authentic in appearance and resistant to the elements making it virtually indestructible even against hail and falling trees.

In addition to Braswell Construction Group's heart of Buckhead Atlanta location, their expert team also has locations in Covington/Conyers, Greensboro/Lake Oconee, Stone Mountain and has been successfully servicing all respective surrounding areas since 2002.

A full list of services offered and options available can be found by visiting or by calling (678) 283-2551.

Braswell Construction Group, Inc. Roofing & Restoration

Contact Info:

Name: Michelle Bird

Email: chris@braswellconstructiongrou

Organization: Braswell Construction Group, Inc. Roofing & Restoration

Address: 3060 Pharr Ct N Northwest #32, Atlanta, GA 30305

Phone: (678) 283-2551

Website:</ p>

SOURCE: Braswell Construction Group

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