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How to Protect Your Roof From Storm and Weather Damage

The planet's climate is deteriorating with each passing day. For instance, till July 2022, the country has witnessed nine weather-related disasters. These disasters have caused catastrophic damages that exceed $1 billion to the nation's finances. Out of these nine events, eight were severe storm events. Hence, it would be wise to play prudently and invest in infrastructure to minimize the risks associated with these storms. The roof of your property acts as a shield against these storms; therefore, first and foremost, you must take steps to augment its durability.

The roof is one of the fundamental components of a building. It protects life and property. However, it can get easily damaged during hurricanes and large hail storms. According to the NOAA Severe Weather Database, in 2021 alone, America faced 18,452 storms (including wind, hail, and tornados).

In these scary scenarios, the most concerning matter that comes to mind is how to protect the roof so that, in return, it can protect us.

With that in mind, let's check out some time-tested solutions to defend your roof from storm and weather damage.

Evaluate Your Roof

Before the stormy season, it would be wise of you to evaluate your roof via an expert professional. A seasoned professional would figure out the possible loopholes in your roofing system that could further deteriorate during the upcoming bad weather and storms. A thorough inspection would let you work on those with limitations. Thus, increasing the durability of your roof.

Replace Broken or Misplaced Shingles

If your roof loses or misplaces a shingle, you would end up with a gap in your home's protective layer. It could further damage other shingles and facilitate them to get loose. It would also let water slip inside your home, damaging your property.

Be Regular with Your Roof Maintenance

Regular roof maintenance will help in the nipping-in-the-bud of most issues. Ultimately, it would result in your peace of mind plus savings (there is always a risk of a sudden and significant expenditure if minor issues are not dealt with immediately).

Trim the Trees

High-velocity storms can cause nearby trees or their parts to fall on your roof. That would result in severe damage. Moreover, rotten parts of trees may result in dampening and leaking of your roof. Hence, it would help if you trim the surrounding trees.

Keep Your Roof Gutters Clean

Water logging in gutters would result in possible leakage and decaying of your roof. Hence, clean it periodically and adequately to ensure free flow.

Final Words

It is always a good idea to consult with experts who understand your roof's condition and recommend proper ways to take care of it. Partner with professionals you can bank on to protect your roof from storm and weather damage. If you are searching for such professionals, feel free to contact Braswell Construction Group. We will inspect your roof and suggest safety and preventive measure for free! Call us at 678-283-2551 now!

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