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How to Remove Holiday Decorations Without Damaging Your Roof

Part of the festivities that the holidays bring include decorating the outside of your home. Luminarias around the walkway, a snowman and reindeer on the front lawn, and lights around the edge of your roof can make your home look like it came right out of a holiday card. Don’t forget Santa and his sleigh up on the roof (but NOT by the chimney!).

When the holiday cheer dies down, there’s no doubt you’ll be over the bright decorations we associate with this time of year. But you’ve got Santa up there, and you have to get him down safely without damaging your roof or gutter.

Now that the holiday season is over, you probably just want to get the holiday decorations removed as fast as possible. But, that’s no excuse to rush through the entire process and risk causing unnecessary wear and tear to the decorations or your home exterior.

At Braswell Construction Group, we have years of experience working with roofs and gutters. Here is our guide to removing holiday decorations and restoring your humble abode to its attractive, welcoming, and undecorated pre-holidays state.

Take Care Not to Damage Gutters

Gutters are a convenient place to anchor strings of lights and hanging snowflakes, among other decorations of the season. If you attach lights directly to your gutter, clips made especially for holiday decorations are a convenient way to hook strings of lights and other decorations right onto the gutter.

There are so many ways to hang decorations along your roof, but many of them are not safe or easy to take down. When reverse decorating, please remember to be careful not to pull if you don't know where or how a decoration is anchored.

Use little or no nails or staples. You don’t want to run the risk of poking holes in your roof, gutter, or wiring of your string of lights. Hooks are one of the least damaging ways to hang most of your stars, snowflakes, or lights in place. It will make anyone’s job much easier and with less chance of roof damage.

Decorations From Year-to-Year

When you have much-loved decorations that you know you will be using every year on your rooftop, you might want to put up some anchors that will stay. Continuing to attach and remove necessary anchors could do more harm to your roof than leaving them in place all year.

There is less chance of roof damage if you are careful with the original decorating. Think about the weight of a large decoration before putting it up on the roof. It could potentially damage shingles or tiles or even breakthrough into your attic space.

Working on the roof is at least a two-person job. When you’re removing decorations from the roof, make sure someone is there to hold the ladder for you and to be there to call for help in case you take a tumble.

Contact Braswell Construction Group or call us at (678) 283-2551 to book a free roof inspection today and spot minor problems before they turn into expensive structural issues.

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