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What Do I Do if I Notice a Missing Roof Shingle?

The shingles on your roof shield your property from costly water damage, bugs, debris, and other weather factors while also helping insulate it. At the same time, appealing shingles add to your home's curb appeal. However, your shingles may fly off due to excessive wear and tear, and if a strong storm passes through.

If your shingles are damaged, twisted, or blown away, your property is exposed to additional, more costly damage arising out of the problems due to missing shingles. You may need to assess and provide solutions to the damage.

How to identify missing shingles and their causes?

Missing shingles are easily noticed by a gap in the shingles, revealing the underlayment or wood decking. Walk across the street and in your backyard and assess any damage to your roof or any missing shingles.

Watch for these signs that your shingles are crumbling or missing:

Loose shingles

Loose shingles may be a significant cause of missing shingles and may be due to intense weather, improper installation, or your shingles could be too old.

Shingle deterioration

Aging asphalt shingles dropping off in small granules indicates damage due to exposure to the sun, snow, and hail, and your property will be more susceptible to water damage.


You may be missing shingles or have many that are severely damaged if new leaks appear in your attic or other portions of your house after rain, snow, or hail.

Cracking or curling shingles

Asphalt shingles may curl or break as they dry. These are indicators that these shingles will not be able to keep water out of your property anymore.

Problems that arise from missing shingles

Structural distortion

Rainwater invading your home's foundation and wood structural beams may cause significant and lasting damage. When your house's framework weakens, walls may shatter, causing foundation cracking and roof collapse.

Weatherproofing glitches

Materials beneath your roof shingles that protect your house from undesired breezes and moisture might deteriorate over time if the shingles break off, exposing your property to risk.

Pest outbreak

Rodents, rats, and insects may enter your home through gaps caused by missing shingles. Insects may contaminate your food if they get into your pantry, and rats may nibble through wiring and spread disease-carrying feces throughout your house.

Costly fixes

Replacing missing shingles is less expensive than replacing the whole roof. Ignoring missing shingle fixes for a long time may result in costly repairs. You should replace the missing shingles rather than allowing weather and heat to damage your home's structure.

What should you do if a shingle is missing?

If you find a missing shingle on your roof, you may restore your property by following these steps:

Hire a professional to inspect

If you see missing shingles on your roof, consult a professional roofing contractor to assess the damage and provide a way out to move forward.

File an insurance claim

Contact your homeowner’s insurance provider as storm damage roofing repairs and replacements are usually covered by insurance to claim your property damage.

Repair the missing shingles

Simple repairs may be needed if your roof is relatively new and just a few shingles have come off due to the wind. Contact a local roofing professional to repair the few shingles you've lost. You may also repair shingles that have fallen off due to natural wear and tear.


During a windstorm, shingles may be damaged for a variety of reasons. When a leak or shingle problem is discovered, the damage is typically worse than expected. Your roof shingles must remain in excellent shape to keep rain, snow, and hail out for your home's safety. By the time you notice a flaw in your roof shingles, you should contact a professional roofing contractor.

To install a new roof or replace missing shingles on your existing roof, contact Braswell Construction Group located in Georgia. We restore shingles that have fallen off due to natural wear and tear and those damaged by storms.

Call us at (678)283-2551 or use our online contact form for further information about our roofing services and to receive a free roof inspection.

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