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Edco Roofing Products

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EDCO steel roofing is built to last a lifetime, backed by a non-prorated limited lifetime warranty which includes an unmatched fade warranty and a Class 4 Impact Rating. EDCO Infiniti roofing uses a proprietary thermal fusing process to permanently affix particles into the panel, providing a lifetime of consistent appearance, uniform texture and protection from the elements. EDCO roofing maintains its’ original natural look for a lifetime.


Steel is the fastest growing material in roofing today and provides innovative charm and everlasting protection for home and business owners alike. EDCO’s award-winning collection of metal roofing products - Infiniti Textured ShakeArrowLine Shake & Slate and Generations HD - look like shingles, but are actually part of an elegant metal roofing system that delivers the timeless beauty you desire.

EDCO Arrowline Shake

EDCO Arrowline Slate

EDCO Generations Shake

EDCO Infinity Shake