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A Guide to Decorating Your Roof Safely This Halloween

Halloween, the season's first major holiday, is just around the corner, and millions of Americans will be getting ready to turn their cozy, welcoming homes into spooky delights. The homeowner will be preoccupied with designing the ethereal roof decorations and lighting to create the spookiest house in the neighborhood.

However, safety must not be overlooked amid all these holiday preparations. To ensure the security of your loved ones, care must be taken when decorating your roof. Here are some quick tips to ensure roof safety for Halloween decorations.

1. Check for Roof Damage

Search your roof for any shingles that appear to be distended, damaged, or missing before installing a giant Halloween spider or a spooky ghost decoration. A single shingle that is broken or missing can cause the roof to become vulnerable. Consult a roofing specialist and fix the damaged roof to ensure safety during festive celebrations.

2. Preserve the Shingles

Shingles are flat or rectangular roofing installations made of asphalt, composite, or other roofing materials. They might get damaged if you nail a large Halloween decoration on them. This damaged shingle may make moisture seep into the roof easier, raising the risk of mold growth and material rot. You should mount this decoration to your gutters or fascia board or use plastic hooks to avoid damaging shingles.

3. Step Up on the Roof Flat-Footed

Be careful to take a light, flat-footed step up onto the roof as you ascend to attach your Halloween decorations. This precaution is required because it is likely that you will damage the shingles or cause the roof to tilt if you put all of your weight on your heels. To prevent pivoting and the subsequent loosening of sand granules attached to shingles, it is also advised that you wear good grip shoes while climbing up the roof.

4. Mind the Ladder

Prioritize ladder safety during Halloween roof decorations. Make sure the ladder is level and firmly planted on the ground before you use it. To ensure the ladder's stability and prevent accidents and injuries, it is advised that you ask for assistance from another person while using it.

5. Secure the Lights

Spend some time making sure your lights are in working order and replacing any burned-out bulbs before you start decorating. Use only high-wattage bulbs and extension cords designed for weather conditions, as not all bulbs and cords are made for outdoor use. Also, keep your gutters clear of leaves and other debris because if an incompatible light source heats up near them, the leaves and twigs could catch fire.

Happiness lies in the safety of your loved ones, so during Halloween festivities, prioritize roof safety. Consult Braswell Roof and Restoration for the best roofing specialist in town and get your roof damage corrected beforehand. Contact us today for a free consultation call, and have a safe and joyful Halloween!


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