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Is Composite Roofing Right for You?

Roofing is often treated as an afterthought by many homeowners--a big mistake! If the roof on your home isn’t up to par, the rest of your home will suffer for it. If you’re thinking about replacing your roof, consider a composite roof. Not only are they a huge value-add for your property, they also last a long time. Keep reading to learn more about why a composite roof could be the best option for your project.

What Is a Composite Roof?

Composite roofs, or ‘shingles’ as they are popularly known, are made up of a mixture of materials that lend them unique properties such as durability, lightweight functionality, damage resistance, and enhanced insulation. The most common materials used include asphalt, fiberglass, plastic, polyester, resin, laminates, and recycled paper products. Plus, you can find these shingles in a variety of styles (think: tile shingles, stone products, shake, and so on).

The Real Question: So Why Should You Go for Composite Roofing?

There are many advantages to going for the composite roofing option:

  1. Composite roofs are available in a range of colors, making them a good choice for aesthetic and design purposes.

  2. Shingles don't crack, peel, split, or warp easily. This quality makes it a practical and functional choice.

  3. Composite roofs are known to be extremely durable. These roofs typically last anywhere between 30 to 50 years as opposed to the traditional counterparts, which last anywhere between 15 to 30 years depending on the manufacturer. The intrinsic materials used guarantee longevity as well as strength, making it a popular choice for new construction and remodeling projects. Composite roofs can withstand high winds (up to 110 miles an hour), prevent mold growth, avoid excess moisture absorption, and offer a level of fire resistance.

  4. The composite roof is versatile in nature. You can select the color of choice and adapt it to the style you want. What's more, you won't have to worry about the color fading with time.

  5. It doubles up as a sustainable material as many of these materials can be recycled. This makes this material eligible for LEED certification, ensuring high-quality construction that's board certified. Additionally, in the end, all the composite roof materials can be recycled, ensuring that landfill waste is reduced to the minimum.

  6. It is an affordable roofing option. Composite roofing is a cost-effective alternative to more traditional options such as slate, shake, wood, or tile. Moreover, the density of the shingles ensures that your home is properly insulated, thereby reducing the utility costs over time. Needless to say, investing in composite roofing is well worth every penny if it is installed accurately and with professional help.

Looking for award-winning roofing specialists? Our team at Braswell Construction Group can deliver the highest quality roofing craftsmanship and provide the most reliable roofing services, exceeding your expectations. Connect with us today to find out more about the services we offer!

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